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ROME, Italy.The pre-synodal meeting of young people called by Pope Francis to contribute to the Synod "Youth, faith and
MADRID, Spain.Before International Women's Day, Alfonso V. Carrascosa, scientist of CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific
OVIEDO, Asturias, Spain.In the digital book "Así es Parres, Arriondas", edited by Asturias Actual Foundation, María
MADRID, Spain. On February 21, Narcea celebrated its 50th anniversary with a commemorative act in the premises of the
SEVILLE, Spain.At the XXX Congress of the Hispanic-American Society of Social Pedagogy (SIPS) on Social Pedagogy and
MADRID, Spain. On March 16, the movie POVEDA will be released in Polish cinemas under the title of "Święty
VALENCIA, Spain. On Wednesday, February 7, Consuelo Cerviño received the Manuel Castillo 2017 award, granted by the
ROME, Italy. The presence of the Teresian Association (TA) in Rome during the months of Nazi occupation of the city


02 March 2018
Organized by Josefa Segovia's Chair 
14 March 2018
LOS NEGRALES, Madrid, Spain. With the theme
21 July 2018
Assembly of all the TA Associatons, 2018 Date:


  • POST_BY Laura Moreno Marrocos
  • 19 days ago
CHICAGO, Unites States. Unites States. Friends and members of the Teresian Association in Canada, the United States, and Cuba have united


What is the lifestyle?
Because of their lay nature, the members of the Teresian Association live according to their state, profession, and mission. Members of the ACIT associations are women and men, married or not, who live their Christianity in a mature and committed way, according to the Poveda’s charism. The members of the primary association live the Charism and gospel values with full availability.                
How to join
After some knowledge and participation in activities, the person may find in the TA Charism a reason for one’s life and a vocation to live a conscious and committed Christianity in accordance with the style, mission, and spirituality of the Association. It is a free, gradual, and personal process that requires spirituality, formation and discernment. The integration can be in the primary association (Teresians) or in Cooperative Associations (ACIT). The desire to join is stated in writing. 
Commitments of TA members
The members of the TA commit themselves to live fully the gift of Baptism. The members of the primary association (Teresians) commit themselves in total availability to the fulfillment of the mission and the realization of the Work. They live fraternity and the communion of goods. The ACIT members live their faith and fulfill the mission of the Teresian Association in accordance with their professional and family options.                




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