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  • TA Educational Centers

    The aim of the Educational Centers of the Teresian Association is to form autonomous persons who, aware of their dignity, are capable of acting as responsible citizens according to Gospel values. They commit themselves to promote a culture of peace, care for life, and collaboration.

    The wide network of TA Educational Centers may be found in this website. Here are links to the websites of some Center.

  • TA University Centers

    A holistic and humanistic formation, committed to the environment, according to Gospel values is present in every project that the TA carries out in university circles through Colleges, Chairs, “colegios mayores,” university dorms, and faculty. Likewise, the dialogue between faith, knowledge, and commitment to study are essential elements of the charism inspired by Saint Pedro Poveda. The network of TA University Centers may be visited in this website.

  • Other TA Activities

    Links to centers, activities, and projects related to the Teresian Association.

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