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Do laws, rules, and freedom, help or not? in "Le Journal de Lucioles"

YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon.
The Lucioles children's library, in Yaounde, Cameroon, in Central Africa, faithful to its task to promote reading to support civic education and values​​, has published a new issue of the newspaper "Le Journal de Lucioles".


Number 9 pdffor the month of May is dedicated to "knowing and appreciating the laws, rules and freedom." The paper, published by simple means,  includes the participation of children who come to the Library. This time the question that provoked reflection, drawings, and activities in the paper was: Do laws, rules and freedom, help or not?
The papers are written in French, the official language in Cameroon. Also published pdflast November was the number that addressed the issue of "freedom".
The writing team of "Le Journal de Lucioles" invites readers of this website to enjoy "a good read."


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