Education/Socio-Educational Project

PATERNA, Valencia, Spain.
On March 15th El Almenar had the tradicional celebration of Las Fallas.

TERUEL, Spain.
With the motto “Let´s take care of the world; be solidary”, the school “Victoria Díez”, in the city of Teruel, has held the XXII Week of Solidarity from February 11-14. This year it has supported a project of  InteRed at the frontier between Haiti and Santo Domingo.


We initiated our presentation with greetings and words of appreciation to Maite Uribe, T.A. President, for accompanying us in this activity; to all the people present in this hall and very especially to the directive team of the “Colegio Mayor Poveda” for their warm welcome. We also expressed our deep gratitude to the Castroverde Foundation, to IEPS, to the Secretariat of T.A. Educational Centers, to InteRed and Narcea, all of them entities that made possible the Congress “Educa 2011”, and last, but not least, to the previous and present General Governing Councils for their efforts to make a reality our desire to present one of the fruits of the Congress.

101012-00MADRID, Spain.
On October 23 at 7:00 PM there will be a presentation of the book containing the minutes of the Congress Educa2011 Colegio Mayor Poveda, Madrid.

101012-2GENEVA, Switzerland.
Participación de la Institución Teresiana en los diálogos con el Special Rapporteur, realizados en los meses de mayo y junio pasados.


A National Seminar entitled “To educate in difficult times: school, memory and citizenship”, took place last August 18th at the Teresian School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the participation of 94 persons coming from eleven cities of three Brazilian states and a representative from Spain.

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