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Camino Cañón is appointed Director of BAC Publishing House


MADRID, Spain.
The Permanent Commission of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, in its 240th session held in Madrid on February 21st and 22nd appointed María del Camino Cañón Loyes, member of the Teresian Association, Director of Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC) Publishing House. She replaces Carlos Granados, who has held the position since 2011.

Professor Camino Cañón spent her professional life at Comillas Pontifical University, where she served as Vice Chancellor, Professor of Logic, Director of Publications and Chair of Science, Technology and Religion. She has recently lectured at San Dámaso Ecclesiastical University in Madrid and at the Pontifical University of Salamanca - Saint Pedro Poveda Chair.

She is an honorary member of the University Publishers Association.

She has also served as President of the Laity Forum for eight years and is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the European Laity Forum.

At present, she is the Director of Critica Magazine, a century-old cultural publication linked to the Teresian Association.

We spoke briefly with Camino Cañón to ask her how she has received this appointment made by the Spanish Episcopal Conference and what are her first ideas on the new project are:

CC.- I receive the appointment gratefully and with enthusiasm. I am aware of the importance of BAC, a publishing house with a great history. I believe in the task of evangelization and diffusion of the thinking of the Church of a publishing house like this.

I will devote my best energies with full availability and trust in the team with whom I will work. I am familiar with this type of work, so I think that this will help me in my task.

Although the project is not yet defined, I want to involve ecclesial organizations in this task of spreading the Christian thought of BAC Publishing House, so that it is a space for ecclesial communion.

- Did you imagine taking on a challenge of these characteristics after having completed your professional career?

The truth is that at this stage of my life I hoped to continue teaching my classes and ensuring that each issue of Critica comes out in time and well. I also had the idea of ​​creating a space for people who would like to know and approach the Teresian Association ... I could not imagine anything else. I have accepted it because it is a service to the Church in Spain that, in some way, the Teresian Association does though me.

- When will this new stage iat BAC Publishing House begin?

Not before the summer ... I must be able to finish the tasks I have at hand right now.

Press release of the Permanent Commission of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. The news in Ecclesia Digital Journal.




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