Pedro Poveda's name was written on a stained glass window of the Holy Family Basilica in Barcelona.

O May 4th, 2003, the Colon Plaza in Madrid was transformed into an open and universal temple. The Pope John Paul II proclaimed the priest and founder, Pedro Poveda, a saint. Ten years after that event we would like to remember this event collectively.

PARÍS, France.
The Foyer Universitaire Du Dóme (the university residence of the TA in Paris) has celebrated its fiftieth anniversary of its inception on April 6th.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:49

MAGAR is María García

JAÉN. Spain.

In the exhibition hall of the Zabaleta building at the University of Jaen, from March 12 to April 19, there is an exhibition of the paintings of Magar, which is the stage name of Maria Garcia. The exhibit has been a recognition and honor by the University of Jaén.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.
Considering the damage produced in the city and Province of Buenos Aires on April 1-2 on account of the heavy rain, the TA shares in the solidarity campaigns that have been organized.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 22:26

St. Pedro Poveda Square in Valencia

The City Town Hall approved last December the dedication of one City Square to the Priest and Pedagogue Saint Pedro Poveda. That approval is now a reality, and the square is located in a newly developed area of Valencia City.

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