MAKATI, Philippines.
The feast of St. Pedro Poveda, on July 28, was celebrated in places where the Teresian Association is present. In the city of Makati, a celebration was held with diocesan priests and seminarians.


MADRID, Los Negrales.
After the Spanish Civil War, at the house of St. Pedro Poveda in Madrid, his private oratory was found intact. Not so the rest of his apartment or the building. There, in the oratory, was the altar with the missal open to the page which had been his last Mass, the great Crucifix and the statue of the Sorrowful Mother to whom he undoubtedly directed his last glance before meeting those who led him to martyrdom. And there was the altar, on which he had consecrated the Body and Blood of the Lord since 1923.

0725-3Saint Pedro Poveda

MADRID, Spain.
As we come closer to the feast of Saint Pedro Poveda, on July 28, we publish an article written by Cardinal Eduardo Pironio in 1996, in which he reflects on Poveda’s priestly profile.

Negrales 1 075LOS NEGRALES, Madrid, Spain.
On July 28, the Teresian Association invites everyone to the celebration of the feast of Saint Pedro Poveda, in Santa Maria de Los Negrales Center in Alpedrete, near Madrid.

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