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Humanism and the Life Sciences: What is human?


GRANADA,  Spain. 
The University/Research Group of the Teresian Association (TA) met in Granada from August 25-29 at Colegio Mayor Santafé. They addressed studies on humanism and genetics, mutation of the virus of dualism, new diseases of humanism, and the humanism of Pedro Poveda in Guadix.  They also visited the Alhambra, rejuvenated and embellished, and walked through some notable places of the city.


Our heart is with the people of Mexico


MADRID, Spain.
Together with so many people and organizations in the world, the Teresian Association (TA) remains united and in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake that ravaged the capital and several states of Mexico, with epicenter located 12 kilometers from Axochiapan, state of Morelos, last September 19.


Seminar on migrants and refugees, creating hospitality


MADRID, Spain.
With the title "Migrants and refugees in the current European context. From the problem to opportunity," the Council for Culture of the Teresian Association organized a seminar of study and reflection, held at Padre Poveda “Colegio Mayor” in Madrid. NGO InteRed, the Castroverde Foundation, and the social area of The Teresian Association in Spain collaborated in the program.

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