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Once his assignment in Covadonga was complete, on July 3, 1913, Pedro Poveda, was appointed Canon for the Cathedral of Jaén, where he resided till 1921. From there he moved to Madrid.

This was not the first time he lived in this place, also called the city of “del Santo Reino” (Holy Kingdom). In October 1889 he had joined the Seminary of Jaén and he remained there till 1894 when he moved to Guadix to continue his studies.

“It was hard to leave Covadonga. But the joy caused by the hope of seeing the progress of my Work in many places was greater.” (P.P. Jaén, May 23, 1915).

He served the Diocese in many ways. As Professor of the Seminary he gave the keynote address at the opening of the Academic Year 1914-1915 on “Study in the Pedagogy of the Seminary.” He served as member of the Board of “Charity” and of the Museum of the province, as a representative of the Canons of the Cathedral. In this city he received an education degree in 1915 and that same year he became religion teacher at the School of Education.

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