We updated the website

As we near the Christmas celebration, we renew the international website of the Teresian Association to go out to meet those who visit us and share in a more friendly and agile way something of who we are and what we do.

A space in the immense digital continent requires changes every so often, because technological advances requires them, because everyday use tells us what needs to be improved, and because listening to readers invites us to experiment. During the last two months, we have being working to take another step in this communication adventure.

We have analyzed five years of work, of shared creation, of accumulated data that indicate a lot of life and plurality of voices. We offer the result of this exercise of exchange and new co-creation, in which we maintain our line of work but we present new concepts in the use of languages, in content and presentation. We invite you to explore the website.

Among the novelties, the opening of this blog is intended to share reflections on reality in the light of the charism of the Teresian Association. It is to reflect on what we live from the perspective of the gospel and offer it for our life journey and mission.

There is a second intention: fill this blog which, together with news, will allow us to travel to the places where some person or a group of the Teresian Association works to build a new humanity, as Maite Uribe says in her Christmas greeting:

Light dawns for the just, and gladness for the honest of heart ( Psalm 97: 11)

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