Tuesday, 02 August 2016 00:00

Educate in difficult times. Systematization and innovation


LIMA, Peru
The international conference "Systematization and Innovation," organized by the project called Educate in Difficult Times, will take place from September 28-October 2 in Lima, Peru. 

Four people from each American country who have participated in systematization processes or are interested in the subject may participate. There are 5 places for participants from other different continents.

The registration period ends on August 15.

The Socio-educational project of the Teresian Association in America, Educate in difficult times, has promoted a series of experiences in participating schools and social projects aimed at promoting a humanizing and transforming education inspired by the educational thought of Pedro Poveda. These experiences have targeted different aspects and dimensions of educational activities and have encouraged a participatory and joint construction processes.

The brochure for the next International Seminar explains that the systematization of experiences has extensive development in our continent. According to Oscar Jara (2006), specialist in the field of wide recognition, "systematization is the critical interpretation of one or more experiences that, starting from their planning and reconstruction, discovers or reveals the logic of the process experienced, the factors involved in it, how they relate to each other, and why there have been so."

Systematizing is reflective learning from experience. It favors deepening, research, socialization of ideas, quests, challenges and conquests. It stimulates creativity and innovation.

The organizers say that "the challenges facing education today in the continent are many. We live in a time when it is necessary to reconsider the grounds on which the educational systems of our countries are founded. And systematizing experiences that we consider positive is a significant strategy that can provide many elements to achieve Educating in Difficult times."

The brochure on this conference may be downloaded at the bottom.  It contains specific program information and other details.




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