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Tribute to Gloria Pérez Serrano, a key person in the field of Social Pedagogy,

At the XXX Congress of the Hispanic-American Society of Social Pedagogy (SIPS) on Social Pedagogy and Human Development, held at the University of Seville, a tribute was paid to Professor Gloria Pérez Serrano, who was unable to attend because she was recovering from eye surgery.

The event took place on November 8-10, 2017, at the Education Department. of the University. The President of SIPS, Professor José Antonio Caride, explained the absence of the honoree, receiving a warm applause from the participants.

José Antonio Caride also presented a profile of Gloria Pérez Serrano, in which he highlighted her fundamental contributions to the field of Social Pedagogy. 

Words of gratitude

After the days of the Congress there were several manifestations of recognition and affection towards Gloria Pérez Serrano, manifested in letters, telephone calls and visits. She herself wrote to the president of SIPS as a sign of gratitude. We publish, with the consent of the author, some words written by José Antonio Caride, in which he expresses the feelings of the academic community and his, for the work and academic career of Gloria Pérez Serrano.

“Beloved” friend Gloria:

I read with emotion - and immense gratitude - your message from last Saturday, although for various reasons I have not been able to answer it until now.

I especially appreciate the kindness of your words, once again full of the great feelings you have been sharing for decades. What an immense fortune to have met you and be able to share, in very different times and spaces, your presence ... prolonged in a way of being and, above all, of being, admirable. This is the friendship that, near or far, we have been cultivating.

The absence of the friend, of the teacher who always teaches (without ceasing to learn) ... led many to remember you ... in very different moments; doing it with affection and with a silent lament ... because the circumstances do not allow you to be with us, in this pedagogical-social community that owes you so much. It could not be otherwise ... the memory of those who have shared with you your daily life at UNED, day by day, hour by hour ... but also of those who were with you at times, more circumstantially.

I trust, with the certainty that gives hope, that your ailments may be temporary ... even assuming that the process -for now - is leading you to a loss of vision that seems irreversible ... that new discoveries arrive on time to give you, and other like you, the possibility to recover such a precious gift.

You know that I don’t usually pray ... but I ask life and the one who gives it to us ... that something or much can change sooner rather than later. I will insist on that, because your academic, university and, above all, human kindness deserves the best.

Without people like you Social Pedagogy and those of us who, in one way or another, dedicate ourselves to it ... we would be little or almost nothing.

My gratitude and that of my family ... who loves you ... And even without knowing you very well ... we are at your entire disposal for whatever you need.

We will continue talking. Thanks, and a big hug. José Antonio Caride

Brief academic profile of Gloria Pérez Serrano



  • B.A. in Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy, and PhD in Pedagogy
  • Researcher at CIDE (Center for Documentation and Educational Research) of the Ministry of Education.
  • Professor of Civic Education at the University of Seville.
  • Professor of Social Pedagogy at UNED.
  • He has numerous publications in books and scientific journals.
  • He has directed almost a hundred doctoral theses.
  • He has also directed the UNED-SENIOR Program, to encourage the participation of the elderly in the university.
  • She has received several awards for academic excellence. We highlight the one awarded by the World Board of Education.

Information from María del Carmen Sáinz Hernández



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