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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Published in

MADRID, Spain. 
The Teresian Association wishes you a Happy Easter!

“The women who were with Mary at Calvary were women of faith. It was an unshakable, strong and powerful, yet simple faith, without shows or nonsense. Without doubt, the power of that faith sealed their lips, as it made reason enlightened and their spirit warmed up with burning love. Their eyes assured them that they were facing ruin and destruction of everything. But their faith helped them see clearly, with heavenly clarity, that it was the beginning of Redemption. They were not looking at the events happening in front of them with human eyes, but with the serene eyes of faith, with which mysteries can be penetrated, doubts vanished and light passed on.” Josefa segovia (1936)

“He is not here, he has risen!” Our whole person is moved by the amazement of your risen life, Lord. The disciples who followed you day after day along the way, came to the tomb looking for you. And we come, too, seeking life among the remains of so much desolation. We know your word is true and your promise is fulfilled. “I am the resurrection and the life”. It is a reality. Would it be possible to turn our doubting eyes into eyes of faith? How will we have eyes of faith that can pierce through deceitful appearances in order to go down to the true depth of all reality? How can we find you, Lord of Life, and discover you in the signs of indestructible life that you give us? Who will roll away the stone of indifference, of superficiality, of carelessness, of blindness for us? You do Institucion Teresiana and will always do it. Nothing is impossible for God! Joy and peace among us, good news in our hearts to proclaim it to the ends of the earth. Life always has the last word.

Note: Taken from Lent and Easter with Saint Pedro Poveda and Josefa Segovia (T.A. USA, 2018)




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