Saturday, 09 June 2018 00:00

Loneliness, an epidemic in today’s world, published in Crítica Magazine, May 2018

 MADRID, Spain.
The May issue of Crítica magazine covers the topic of Loneliness, an epidemic in today's world, written by Manuel Enrique Figueroa, Professor of Ecology and director of the Sustainability Office of the University of Seville.

The issue also includes articles on the following: That May of ‘68; Adolescence and values; Holiness: gift from God and human commitment; A new commercial coffee? Human beings at risk of being excluded; The father's room; Footprints, painting by Amparo Salgueiro.

The editorial essay on "time of uncertainty," written by the magazine’s directress, Carmen Azaustre, makes reference to some of the recent political events, especially in Spain and in Italy.

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