Mary Careaga Memorial

Honavar, India.
Last January 19, 2013, Samagratha Library, a component of the SARPI project, Honavar,  organized a General Knowledge Quiz Competition to the student beneficiaries of the Mobile Library program which serves  16 public higher primary schools around Honavar. Forty four students competed in the said competition coming from 11 schools, together with 5 principals, 15 teachers and 7 parents.

The day’s program consisted first of the Quiz contest which was conducted by Shri R.B. Shetty, teacher of  Jankatgal schodaol. This was followed by the speech of the chief guest, Shri Krishnamurthy Bhat, Proprietor of Shivani Book Stall, Honavar..

He emphasized to the children the importance today of using the technology of information and communication to obtain knowledge, for example, the television.  However they need to choose TV programs that can enhance their general knowledge and topics of current interest. According to him, television programs can stimulate a child's imagination and open up the infinite opportunities that life presents. Like good books, good television programs can extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of their world. 

 He was highly appreciative of  the services rendered by Samagratha Library to the  different schools situated  in the interior villages surrounding Honavar. Lastly he expressed his happiness at hearing the children’s replies during the quiz contest.

The second speaker Sir V.N. Bhat, headmaster of Guddibal school  said that mobile library has brought a tremendous change in the reading habits of the children.  He thanked SARPI Center for  doing a great job of imparting value- based education and inculcating moral values to the children through  good books and other educational materials.

For the first time, the contest was named Mary Careaga Memorial Quiz Competition in honor of Mary Careaga, who blazed the trail for the TA in several countries in Asia beginning with the Philippines. In india she lived since 1978 till her death in 2007, and concretely in Honavar she established SARPI and initiated many of its component programs, for which Honavar is ever grateful to this day. Shields and  certificates were  given to the winners and to the participants.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Brazil Gonsalves, project coordinator, and the activity ended with the customary get-together.

By: Elizabeth D’Souza
       Honavar. March 28,  2013



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