Chairs and Study

Chairs and Study

Pedro Poveda (T.A. History), Pedro Poveda (UPSA), Josefa Segovia (CiTes)


Josefa Segovia Chair at CITeS - University of Mysticism, Ávila, Spain, started its activity in Novermber, 2010. 

ÁVILA, Spain.
The Josefa Segovia Chair at CITeS-University of Mysticism closed its VII Conference on March 19. The theme was “Espiritualidad ante un cambio de paradigma. Cuestiones emergentes” (Spirituality before a paradigm shift. Emerging Issues).

ÁVILA, Spain.
Since its creation, in 2011, the Josefa Segovia Chair at CiTes - University of Mysticism, has conducted annual activities and has published books on them in Spanish.


The agreement on “Saint Pedro Poveda" Chair, established at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA) fifteen years ago, has been renewed.

JS1008MADRID, Spain.
October 10 marks the birthday of Josefa Segovia. This is a good day to remember and re-read some of the writings that have been written about her. This time, this is to know what she thinks about intellectual endeavor. The Revista de la Institución Teresiana (Journal of the Teresian Association) devoted a special issue to her on the occasion of her death on March 29, 1957, and Angeles Galino wrote two articles. We focus on the one titled: “Ante la verdad y la vida” (Facing truth and life) which we publish in these autumn days that invite us to focus on readings and taste them. As Dolores Gomez Molleda wrote some time ago: “Reading is to live slowly."


MADRID, Spain.
In memory of CarmenSanchez Beato, President of the Teresian Associationfrom1957-1977. Using expressions of Arantxa Aguado’s letter on the occasion of her death: Her writings and a photograph of a small person, smiling with bright  eyes, intelligent andwith a good senseof humor that helped her accept her being "rather short" without any complex speak volumes.



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