TA Movements

jovenes poveda“MIT Joven R.D.” is a youth movement that participates in the spirituality and purpose of the Teresian Association. On the occasion of the first centenary of the Association, the group has organized several special gatherings.

aaDuring a hundred years the Teresian Association, dedicated to education and knowledge, has directed and managed private and public schools, other educational centers, university residences, and dorms in the countries where it is present. Thus, numerous alumni have had a direct contact with the Association.

giovaniL’Istituzione Teresiana è una Associazione Internazionale di Laici, che si propone la promozione umana e la trasformazione sociale mediante l’educazione e la cultura a partire dal Vangelo, come voluto dal suo fondatore, sacerdote e martire, San Pedro Poveda.

ajThis is a Movement of Christian young people who want to live the Gospel like the first Christian communities.



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