Alumnae and Alumni

aaDuring a hundred years the Teresian Association, dedicated to education and knowledge, has directed and managed private and public schools, other educational centers, university residences, and dorms in the countries where it is present. Thus, numerous alumni have had a direct contact with the Association.

From the beginning, Pedro Poveda saw the alumni as part of a movement connected with the Teresian Association and its charism because the formation he promoted was about a solid preparation to become a better person, capable of transforming one’s personality and character. During many decades, the people educated by the Association were mainly women. Addressing all of them, early in the 20th century he said: “(…) desire knowledge, seek knowledge, acquire knowledge, (…) and don’t ever say no more knowledge” (1931). In his program he included: “good teachers, good books, good libraries, and solid knowledge” in pleasant environments, with order and harmony, with freedom and respect, in a family-like atmosphere.

Alumni were so important for Pedro Poveda that, in the presentation of the Teresian Association to be approved by the Holy See in 1923, he included them as part of the Work.

Those who identify themselves with some aspect of the Teresian charism because they have been part of a classroom, or have lived in a university residence or dorm, or have been taught by a member of the Teresian Association that transmitted Poveda’s pedagogy may register in this web as “TA Friends” and share life stories, anecdotes, testimonies, etc.




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