MIT Dominican Republic

jovenes poveda“MIT Joven R.D.” is a youth movement that participates in the spirituality and purpose of the Teresian Association. On the occasion of the first centenary of the Association, the group has organized several special gatherings.

These include a Youth Forum with the title “Context, Challenges, and Transformations” that summoned 38 young people from la Vega, Santiago, Santo Domingo and the Frontera Norte ( Partido y Dajabón).

These are towns in the Dominican Republic where the Teresian Association is present. The gathering took place on January 23, 2012.

The Youth Report

The main table had MIT representatives from each town: Edith Rosario from Santiago, Carmen Elena Cruz, National coordinator, Paola from la Vega, and Wanda from Partido. Other participants were the Vice-Mayor of Partido who made a commitment to bring our proposals to the Town Hall, the Regional Director of Education of Montecristi-Dajabón, teachers of Liceo Padre Quevedo of Partido, and the representative of the “fiscalía,” among other local authorities.

This was an experience of looking at the reality of the young, welcome it, position ourselves within it to commit ourselves as young people with actions that may contribute to a social transformation.
We shared some reflections such as: We, the youth, can be described by the love of study and work; we are dynamic, friendly, with a sense of solidarity, joyful, with an attitude to grow, involved in the transformation of our community, team players, helpful, and we have a sense of transcendence.”

We noted the following to be improved: “give up our vices and use our time well. We are called to live in solidarity, to be more respectful, to have a clear identity, to be motivators and responsible.”

“As young people we accept the challenge to work so that ‘other world may be possible’ and ask: to be taken into account as young people with a desire to improve. We feel invited to control the excessive desire to always be at the edge of fashion, to counteract violence and corruption, to use technology correctly, to be original, and to defend our identity. We also wish to foster family values and identify the limitations and possibilities in our lives.”

The Commitments

“We ask that our civil authorities may trust us. We need their guidance and support in our activities, acceptance in the work force, and recognition of the contributions of the youth to society. We ask that through campaigns they may promote youth cultures and education for the youth. We need centers for leisure. That they may see us as change agents and may take us into account.”

“We commit ourselves to organize and facilitate workshops and forums to encourage other youth so that they may be part of this Movement. We commit to provide opportunities for socialization and the formation of young leaders. We commit ourselves to promote a youth culture in the mass media.”

At the close of the Forum Biviana Brito (ACIT President) told us as representative of the Teresian Association: “It is encouraging to hear and listen to your challenges and proposals. You know your challenges, those that reality is asking of you, to become involved in your own transformation. As Teresian Association we feel compelled to accompany you. The Association recognizes your empowerment as young people because you have energy and strength. You have the right to build a better world. We need your optimism, your perseverance. ‘The youth brought you to the fight.’ Young people, your plans are also ours.”

MIT Jóvenes R.D.



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