TA Youth

ajThis is a Movement of Christian young people who want to live the Gospel like the first Christian communities.

Being a Movement is a way of being associated, of having a lifestyle that makes it possible to live according to the Gospel as well as act and be part of reality with specific characteristics.

We have our roots in a community of believers: The Teresian Association. The charism that Pedro Poveda, its founder, wanted for this community of believers defines a lifestyle:

Eminently human and totally God’s
Exceptional inside and without anything especial outwardly
Demanding and austere with ourselves, and tolerant with others
Sensitive and critical regarding the world problems while committed to our neighbor

Strong, audacious in our commitment as well as non-violent and joyful because of our faith in Jesus.
With capacity for dialogue, patient, and strong in our respect for the dignity of each person and each group.

The Teresian Association, a Christian group committed to evangelization, offers the youth a meaningful perspective, a way of following Jesus to grow and to commit ourselves, with the following spirituality:

  • Jesus-Centered: Based on the spirituality of Incarnation, which requires both fidelity to the Gospel and commitment to each person and all people, and with a preferential option for the poor.
  • Like the First Christians: Sent as lay people to be salt and light in daily life, building and leaning on a community of believers that celebrate faith, share their goods and recognize Mary of Nazareth, believing woman, as a beacon of light.
  • Committed to human development and social transformation: In dialogue between faith and the different cultures to open ways toward justice and solidarity, prayer, study, and work are irreplaceable means.




C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 88. 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA