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Annual Meeting of the Editorial Board of Nuevamérica / Novamerica magazine


From August 31 to September 2, the Editorial Board of the Nuevamérica / Novamerica Magazine met in Santiago de Chile to evaluate some issues of the 2016 and 2017 editions and to plan for 2018.

Overall, the evaluation was quite positive because of the constant growth in the number of readers, 1,800 copies of each number, including the print and digital versions. Also, the stated objectives were reached, in accordance with the identity of the journal, which seeks to collaborate in the building of a more just, fraternal and democratic society from the perspective of the Gospel, as well as providing elements for a critical reflection on the Latin American-Caribbean situation, thus contributing to a dialogue among different cultures

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The continuity of this magazine over 41 years is one of the most important achievements, since it is not easy to maintain for so long a project of this magnitude that implies responding to an international context with similar problems, addressing the issues from different perspectives and in two languages: Spanish and Portuguese.

Participating in this meeting were Vera Maria Candau, Susana Sacavino, Adelia Nehme Simão and Koff (collaborator), Isabel Guillermo, María Luz Mardesich, Luz María Barajas, Rosa Catalán, and Flor Sobrino. Also, Carmen Lizárraga was present as liaison of the Governing Council of the Teresian Association. She positively valued the management and dissemination of this international project of the American continent. Carmen Lizárraga was grateful for being able to participate in the meeting and said that these types of projects make it possible to see paths of progress and hope.

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In the framework of this meeting we had the pleasant visit of Raúl Escudero Sánchez, main character of the film POVEDA, who along with Judit Sánchez Corral, actress who represented María Astudillo.  They had lunch with us on Friday and shared their experience of getting to know the person of Pedro Poveda and the Teresian Association. They expressed with great emotion what this experience means to them in their personal and professional life. The dialogue created a space for the exchange of diverse emotions, which allowed the actors to capture the repercussions that occurred in the different countries where the film has been screened, and which turned out to be very significant for them, even after two and a half years since the beginning of this cinematographic project.


At the end of this annual meeting of the Editorial Board we also had a pleasant meeting with the community of the Teresian Association in Chile where we shared the fruits of our work and the issues that will be addressed by the magazine in 2018. They will be the following:

  • Environmental issues
  • Educating in difficult times: progress
  • Micro-politics and social transformation
  • Museums: conceptions and proposals

Information: María Luz Mardesich and Flor Sobrino




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