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Innovative Vision 2016 - 2020 of the Teresian Association in Spain


The Teresian Association (TA) in Spain, in collaboration with different people and groups, has designed its Vision 2016 – 2020, which is shared through its webpage.

The concepts of vision - mission in an organization refer to the values ​​of identity and to the objectives and means to reach a state that is considered desirable.

After intense work, the government team of the Teresian Association in Spain formulated a vision-mission project for the next five years. This is a concrete response to the calls they perceive from society with the intention of collaborating with a transforming action, based on the Gospel and the inspired charism of St. Peter Poveda.

Through a video, a webpage and other resources, this project is being disseminated in schools, university residences, and social projects of the Teresian Association in Spain.

The motto chosen for Vision 2016-2020 is "Educate, transform, be." This is expressed in values and in the desire to be: a citizen, a leader, creative, salt, a team, agent of change. It targets youth and adults and these are offered a formation process that includes training for leadership and mediation, teamwork and pedagogical innovation, in response to the changes and challenges of our time.

In the communicative proposal, both in the video and on its webpage, different people express values they want to embody.

The website designed specifically for the project shows actions and activities aimed at training educators and social agents through workshops, seminars and pilot projects. The idea is to promote social transformation and current values such as citizenship, creativity, ecology, interiority, based on an updated reading of the characteristics proposed by Pedro Poveda.

The Vision of the TA in Spain is formulated as follows:

In the next five years, in Spain, we want to be a benchmark in the formation of educators and social agents as subjects of social transformation, in accordance with an updated reading of the traits proposed by Pedro Poveda.

We share the Vision 2016 - 2020 of the Teresian Association as an inspiring proposal for other places and projects.


VISION 2016-2020 on Vimeo, TA in Spain 

Website of the TA in Spain






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