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“Guardians of Time”: a haunting tour around the figure and the time of Teresa of Jesus


JAÉN, Spain.
Pedro Poveda School in Jaén joins in the commemoration of the V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus with the development of a webquest for high school students.

“Guardians of Time,” a haunting tour around the figure and the time of Teresa of Jesus, is a collaborative project aimed at high school students. Many teachers have shown interest in developing strategies for collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Some parents have also joined in this project.

A webquest is a guided learning tool which finds information mainly on the web and promotes the development and use of higher cognitive skills, cooperative work, autonomy of our students and a self-assessment of acquired learning.

0924-4Biblioteca del colegioBiblioteca del colegio

The name of the website is inspired by the Spanish television series “The ministry of time.” The story begins at our library, finding an intriguing manuscript that urges us to become guardians of time, watchers of the past traveling through doors that lead to different times in our history.

Guardians of time must ensure that nothing and no one changes the course of events. Thus the story of Teresa will proceed in time and and in the early years of the twentieth century an Association that bears her name will be born.

0924-3Supuesto manuscritoSupuesto manuscrito

This journey has already started with the study and translation of an alleged manuscript found in our library. Now our mission is to research the daily life of the sixteenth century, go deep into this stage of our history to know how they lived and how they felt. We know the geography, history, customs, and values ​​of the time. We will approach the figure of Teresa of Jesus: her biography, her literary and spiritual work. We will look for her mark in our city and will research the roots of our Teresian school.

On this tour, our guardians will research, develop reports, presentations, animations, comics, audios and videos; they will discuss, tour the Teresian Association in Jaén, solve puzzles, relax in literary circles, enjoy a hobbies section or taste the cuisine of the time .... and finally they will share their work online and learn together 'with the head and heart in the present moment' (P. Poveda)

Our journey to the past has just begun and will end with the closing of the V Centenary of St. Teresa.

Would you like to accompany us? We wait for you at  guardianesdeltiempoppoveda

José Luis Lomas (@jos_lomas)
Faculty and Project Coordinator 



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