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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 00:00

Support to keep subsidy for children with special needs at Padre Poveda School in Guadix


GUADIX, Granada, Spain.
Faced with the possibility of ending the subsidy for students with special needs at Padre Poveda School in Guadix, by the Provincial Government of Granada, some acts of support have taken place to guarantee the continuity of this indispensable service for the population of the neighborhood.

On February 22, the mayor of Guadix, Inmaculada Olea Laguna, reported on an institutional statement that the Town Hall of Guadix will bring up at the next plenary session to keep the subsidy at Padre Poveda School, thus backing the school.

As the mayor of Guadix reported, the Provincial Government of Granada presented a proposal a few days ago to eliminate a support classroom for children with special needs at Padre Poveda School. Thus, it was decided to ask the Provincial Government to consider the reality of the neighborhood of the Caves of Guadix. It is a fact that Padre Poveda School is the only formal educational resource available at the neighborhood at the levels of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education. "It is to be noted that the school works together with this City Council and the Poveda Sociocultural Center, in addition to other local associations to promote social equality and guarantee access to basic quality education to the entire population."

At the event, the mayor was accompanied by the Director of the schools of the Teresian Association in Eastern Andalusia, Ana María Aguayo, and by the Principal of Padre Poveda de school in Guadix, Ana Caba. They agreed to highlight the uniqueness of both the neighborhood where the school is located and the students that are served, which make it necessary to maintain the subsidy.

From the Diocese of Guadix: Gratitude 

In the news blog of the Diocese of Guadix, Fr. Manuel Amezcua Morillas, priest of the neighborhood of the Caves, wrote an article that deserves to be read, recognized and give thanks for it:

Gratitude is infrequent and political consensus is not an everyday thing, either. Look, this time, we can join both things to give thanks for the unanimous agreement of our City Council in defense of Padre Poveda School.

In this case, the regional government of Andalusia, in a show of insensitivity that enshrines the impenetrable attitude of bureaucratic offices, full of legalisms and ignorance of reality, has made decisions that substantially affect the Teresian Association in Guadix, as well as its teaching activity in this our neighborhood of ​​the Caves. If possibilities are closed to the school, the dining room, where every day a total of one hundred children have access to a healthy and balanced diet, will also be reduced. And it will also affect the development of the library, the children's garden, the bilingual quality of the School and the integration of the deaf-mute. It is incomprehensible that the Regional Government of Andalusia on the one hand praises and exalts the immense and magnificent daily activity of the School and, on the other, places an explosive charge of delayed explosion in its stern.

The Teresianas are the greatest gift that the Caves of Guadix have enjoyed throughout its history. They embody evangelization, culture, friendship, humanizing and humanistic humanization, and the greatness of the possibilities contained in the two most sublime verbs that the human condition has invented over millennia: teach and learn. Through its school and in harmony with Pedro Poveda Sociocultural Center and its multiple activities, in conjunction with the parish and Caritas, and always acting in a network tolerant of all the other possibilities that the Caves of Guadix offer, including Social Services of our City Council, so full of patience and merit ... these women stand as a beacon of light in the midst of ever more standardized sociological and environmental conditions, but not at all exempt from temporary and structural difficulties that affect, at times in an extraordinary way, the life of the people.

The Teresians in the neighborhood of the Caves are a refuge for others, accompaniment for the sick, the nursery that awakens the children to a dignified life, the emergency service open daily, listening on spiritual and psychological needs always for free, the exercise of discreet charity like a bank but without interest; the wheelchair for the invalid hurt by drugs, disease, male abuse and infinite care that marginalization requires ... and in the end, constant presence of a Church committed to the peripheries, as Pope Francis likes to say.

As our Bishop Ginés has written: "What would the Caves be without the presence of the Church?" Well, that presence is also embodied in the parish by the Teresians, from catechesis to liturgy, through support for Caritas and its workshops. The Church's evangelizing condition is not understood in the Caves without the daughters of St. Pedro Poveda, in love to the core, like the Saint himself, with the knowledge and taste of difficult and beautiful hills that can seduce the strong soul of a handful of women who are consolidating, day by day and year after year, the continuity of the work of a Saint.

That our City Council, by consensus of all its political parties, rises in defense of the work that the school develops in the neighborhood of the Caves, on behalf of the same families helped by other ecclesial, social and municipal entities, is a token of realism to which our politicians are not always accustomed.

My deepest, most sincere and complete gratitude to the consensus of the City Council members. The signatory has witnessed many miracles worked by Saint Pedro Poveda but recognizes that the fact that all the groups of our City Council have agreed unanimously is a wonder only comparable to the multiplication of a few fish and a few loaves made by the Master on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee and "the teachers" - as they are affectionately called there - also perform every day, multiplying the testimony of their love to feed thousands in body and soul, and with very little, very little ... are able to do much, very much.

The members of the Education Board ought to come here and learn ...

Manuel Amezcua Morillas, Priest of the Neighborhood of the Caves.