Tuesday, 04 June 2019 16:29

Marian pilgrimage, fraternity and commitment


The Teresian Association in Chile celebrates in May a Marian day in which our three educational centres in Santiago de Chile, Maipú and La Calera, journey under the motto: “Mary, Mother of Jesus, teach us to weave networks of fraternity”.

It was a pilgrimage to the "Teresa Brown de Ariztía" School in La Calera, in its 78 years of educational commitment. They welcomed us on this pilgrimage, to pray together and present our thanksgiving before the image of "La Santina", as requested by the Father Poveda, always remembering our Marian origin.

It has been a Marian experience of communion, as Teresian Association in Chile, with all the Associative Unity and together with our three schools.

On our pilgrimage we also asked Mary for her protection and help so that the works and projects that the Teresian Association is carrying out in Chile, are an expression of commitment to the dignity of the people and for a more just and fraternal world.

It was a meeting of prayer and celebration, illuminated by the message that the Letter of the Year from the TA President, Maite Uribe, and the impulse of the General and All Associations Assemblies.

Here we offer a slide show where you can see the atmosphere, the procession, the dances, the Eucharist and the participation of families and young people.

Then, we had a procession with several "Stations" and intentions that we detailed:

First Station: Teresa Brown School of Ariztía. To commit with families, as social transformation agents.

Second Station: Alberto Pérez School. Walk with young people in a society in change.

Third Station: Primary Association. Weaving fraternity networks in the world: Dialogue and equality.

Fourth Station: Institución Teresiana. Weaving networks of fraternity in the world: diversity and inclusion.

Fifth Station: ACIT. To be Salt and Light of the world in the places where we are.

We are happy because it was an endearing encounter, as a people of God, with Santa María, under the invocation of Our Lady of Covadonga, "La Santina".

We want to highlight and appreciate the welcome and every detail we receive from all the people that compose the "Teresa Brown de Ariztía" School.

Information: Tere Ormazábal, Chile.



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