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Pentecost: “ask the Spirit for our sanctification”


MADRID, Spain.
On Sunday, June 4, the Teresian Association (TA) celebrated the feast of Pentecost with the whole Church. Maite Uribe, President of the TA, sent a message to remind everyone that, according to the tradition of the Association, this is especially a celebration of the TA government.

Message from Maite Uribe


"As I congratulate you on this day of Pentecost, I feel, as Father Poveda said, the need to be with you and to convey to you my desires to ask the Spirit for our sanctification."

Today we celebrate with the whole universal Church the feast of Pentecost. This is a day when we can relive intensely our relationship with God, enjoy the fruit of the Passover, know that Christ is risen in each one of us, that we are so loved by God that we can live the experience of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Today the Holy Spirit fills the Church everywhere, infusing us with the desire to "announce the newness of the Gospel with audacity, loudly, and at all times and in all places, even against the tide," as Pope Francis tells us. “Let us call upon him today, firmly rooted in prayer, for without prayer all our activity risks being fruitless and our message empty. Jesus wants evangelizers who proclaim the good news not only with words but, above all, by a life transfigured by God’s presence.” (E.G. 259) 

The face of Jesus Christ does not come to us through a chain of individual transmissions of faith, but through the evangelizing action of the whole Church.

Let us pray to the Spirit on this day for all who share in the Church the responsibility of government, that they may have the gift of audacity to welcome and announce, to leave and to incorporate those who seek God along the roads of the world.

A big hug,

Maite Uribe, Madrid, June 4, 2017

Celebrations in Madrid and Roma


As usual, the feast of Pentecost was celebrated with an open invitation at the international headquarters in Madrid and in Rome. In both places, the Eucharist was the center of the celebration. We had in the memory of our heart and prayer the victims of the latest terrorist attacks. After the Mass came the family and fraternal gathering of members of the Teresian Association, the various associations, friends, and family.

In Madrid, the celebrants were the Franciscan priests Teodoro López and Pedro Ciprian, who delivered the homily. Concha Coello read the message of Maite Uribe at the beginning. Father Pedro Ciprian recalled words of theologian Karl Rahner S.J who said that our time is a time when we are losing intimacy with God. Human beings should have some things clear when reading the gospel and try to understand the mystery of God. “If we could buy God with money, today He would be bought," he said. However, God is a mystery that human beings are not able to understand.

He pointed out some things that we should have clear to approach the mystery of God: 1. Not being satisfied with the model of society in which we live. The world should hurt. 2. Being committed to our generation, to our people, wherever people need us. A Christian must be a being that transforms ... so that we may live in hope. 3. To live an interior life from the perspective of the Gospel. There is no sowing without interiority. 4. Live with joy because there is much planting - referring to long lives of so many members of the Teresian Association that have sowed the gospel - "Sow the charism as disciples of Jesus," he concluded.


In Rome, the celebration began at noon. Sixty people gathered around the Eucharist concelebrated by two priest friends: one Spanish, Iván Coté, and the other Filipino, Fray Nonoi Masculino. Carmen Lizarraga, member of the General Council, mentioned some ideas about the Spirit taken from Letter of the Year, inviting us to go out into the world with clarity of vision and audacity, which makes our lives "fruitful and contagious." Bearing in mind that "the times of crisis are times of the Spirit" we are called to "open different spaces for dialogue" so that together we can examine ourselves and recognize what prevents us from walking with newness towards the future of the Kingdom.


After the Eucharist, the celebration continued in the garden with refreshments. The group of people who participated came from different backgrounds: a large group of relatives and friends from different countries and cultures, as well as young people from the International Projects of the Association and PRO.DO.CS.  "The celebration of the Spirit has once again been an opportunity to share our lives and the charism," they said.

The good weather favored a longer encounter in a climate of fraternity, cordiality and sharing.




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