MADRID, Spain.
On December 3, anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda, the International Musical Competition “Pedro Poveda, Victoria Díez, Josefa Segovia, with another rhythm,” convened by Pedro Poveda Secretariat, took place. The idea was to recreate the life and testimony of these people through musical language.


GUADIX, Spain.
The memory of Saint Pedro Poveda in Guadix is alive in many ways, especially in the heart and affection of the people of the neighborhood of Las Cuevas. In recent years, new iconography keeps his figure and message close to those whom he loved and for whom he did so much. Maribel Sancho explains the recent works of art, two of which are in the cathedral and one is at Saint Miguel’s parish.


MALABO, Equatorial Guinea.
With a roundtable on "The family today," the Teresian Association (TA) in Equatorial Guinea (EG) opened the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of its arrival in this country at the Cultural Center of Spain in Malabo, on October 8th. The scheduled events, includes the projection of the film POVEDA on October 21.


MADRID, Spain.
Pedro Poveda Secretariat postpones the original deadline to participate in the competition "Pedro Poveda, Josefa Segovia, Victoria Díez, with another rhythm," until November 21. The verdict and award ceremony will take place on December 3 in Madrid.

0826-1La pieta di Amatrice

ROME, Italy.
It was early Wednesday, August 24, when the earth began to shake in central Italy, devastating towns and sowing terror and pain in so many people and so many families, leaving hundreds of people dead, injured, and thousands homeless. Some villages have disappeared forever. "Amatrice no longer exists, but there are people under the rubble," said mayor Sergio Pirozzi. The Teresian Association in Italy and in the world expresses closeness and solidarity with those who are suffering. From Rome they share information.


LOS NEGRALES, Madrid, Spain.
On July 28, as part of the celebration of the feast of St. Pedro Poveda, Volume II of the Critical Edition of “Ensayos y Proyectos Pedagógicos”of Saint Pedro Poveda was presented.

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