On May 28 and 29, representatives of the Teresian Association will go "with great joy once again to keep our yearly appointment with the Santina in Covadonga, which dates back to 1934. It is an appointment which the Teresian Association and our world await in happy anticipation, trusting and committed to each day of their existence,” wrote Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, in her convening letter.


MADRID, Spain.
Saint Pedro Poveda, his priestly profile, the key to his pastoral dynamism, his educational and social action, as well as the Association he founded were the theme of a conference of young clergy from Madrid, convened by Archbishop Carlos Osoro. The meeting, with over sixty young priests participating, took place at Santa Maria de Los Negrales Spirituality Center, on Friday May 20.


MADRID, Spain.
Every year, members of the “Hermandad del Refugio” invite us to celebrate a Eucharist in honor of Saint Pedro Poveda, first martyr and saint of their ranks. Members of the Teresian a Association joined in this celebration. 


MADRID, Spain.
 “Pedro Poveda” Secretariat is convening an international music competition: "Pedro Poveda, Josefa Segovia, Victoria Díez, with a different rhythm." Its aim is to recreate the life, the thought, the action, the charism of some of these three personalities of the Teresian Association by means of music.


MADRID, Spain.
A new App for mobile devices with the content of the book "I have something to tell you, Pedro Poveda,” published by Narcea Editions, may be downloaded.



MALAGA, Spain.
Exodus of the XXI century: Victims of conflict, is the title of the 40th Week of Fellowship and Cultural Exchange, organized by the Education and Culture Association on its 40th anniversary. It will take place from July 19-23 in Villa San Pedro, Malaga.

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