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Our heart is with the people of Mexico


MADRID, Spain.
Together with so many people and organizations in the world, the Teresian Association (TA) remains united and in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake that ravaged the capital and several states of Mexico, with epicenter located 12 kilometers from Axochiapan, state of Morelos, last September 19.

Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, communicated with people of the Association in Mexico who said:

"We are all well, thank God!
There is a lot of pain for the losses, the rescue continues and the ambulances keep running.
Some people died because of the collapses of buildings and schools.
Some have come out alive, some have not.
Mexico is united in this misfortune. Many hands are helping, giving serenity to so many people in crisis, carrying water, food to those who remain in the street. Solidarity is at its peak. Thank you very much."

The area where the Association 's headquarters is in Mexico City was very much affected, according to the information received. People at the TA University Residence were organized to offer everything possible.

The government and members of the TA express their closeness and solidarity with the people of Mexico. We pray for the victims, their families and friends and for a speedy recovery from so many losses.

NGO InteRed, linked to the TA, will be available to provide support.

It is surprising that this earthquake of magnitude 7.1, according to the National Seismological Society occurred on the same day as that of 32 years ago (the most serious earthquake in the country's history, which left about 10,000 dead). Many Mexicans had just participated in a drill organized on the occasion of that catastrophe. Just 10 days ago another earthquake shook in the area of ​​Chiapas, causing almost a hundred dead.


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