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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 00:00

Interfaith, building community experience

BRUSSELS, Belgium.
ITOUCH '(Brussels), in collaboration with MIT Giovani (Italy) and Elijah Interfaith Institute (Jerusalem) will offer a training and fellowship experience for youth leaders in Brussels, the capital of Europe, in the heart of Belgium from August 9-16, 2017. What can we do to respond to the most pressing challenges of our time, such as violence or conflict? they ask.

"When wisdom and peace are shared"

Who is this for?

For leaders of young people, educators; women and men of Jewish, Christian and Muslim origin from different countries.

For people who are willing to start or continue initiatives for interfaith (interreligious) dialogue and for good fellowship at the local level. For you? ...

What will be offered

  • Deepening into the values of your own religious tradition and familiarize yourself with the values of others with the help of experts.
  • Follow the steps of some privileged witnesses, the "religious geniuses", to discover the characteristics of the artisans of peace.
  • To raise awareness, together, of the constructive power of religions to humanize the world and to give societies the necessary structures.


  • A week of formation and fellowship.
  • Thematic conferences and workshops.
  • Reciprocal learning and exchange of views on sacred writings.
  • Visits to places of interest.
  • Common social action.


  • What can we do to respond to the most pressing challenges of our time, such as violence or conflict?
  • What if we trained together to build societies in which all of us are indebted to all, based on respect and cooperation?

This is the challenge for some twenty-five leaders of young Christians, Muslims and Jews from Europe, the Middle East, and other countries in this seminar organized by I.T.OUCH’.

Because both Europe and the world need ambassadors for 'active fellowship' and we believe that it is possible to expand the network of agents that multiply peace and good fellowship.

More information in the attached brochure (available in English, French, Italian and Dutch)