Cave of Father Poveda in Guadix

The memory of the presence and work of Father Poveda in Guadix, even after more than a century, is still very significant. Going through the places that he used to travel in the city and especially in the neighborhood of Las Cuevas, is an inspiring experience that helps one understand the educational and social roots that Father Poveda transmitted to the Teresian Work since its foundation.

In addition to the parish of Our Lady of Grace, where Father Poveda began a mission of evangelization and educational transformation in the dawn of the twentieth century among those people who were the "discarded at that time," the cave where St. Pedro Poveda lived is still standing and can be visited. 

The Teresian Association keeps the "Good Idea" alive at Padre Poveda school, at a Socio-cultural project, and at its social headquarters. Next to the Poveda’s Cave there is another one to welcome small groups, families, or people who want to live "the Guadix experience."

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