Santa María de Los Negrales Cultural and Spirituality Center

Santa María de Los Negrales Cultural and Spirituality Center hosts in its residence in the mountains of Madrid persons or groups seeking a space of peace and beauty where to reflect, share, or discern; a place of self-encounter and encounter with God and others; a place where one can rest, work, and grow as a person.

 Santa María de Los Negrales is an emblematic place for the Teresian Association. In its Chapel rest the remains of the founder, Saint Pedro Poveda, and in a contiguous crypt, those of María Josefa Segovia Morón, first President.

Throughout its history, different teams have sought and generated creative responses to the Center, driven by a charism that wants to be at the service of the faith-cultures-justice dialogue.

The entire space invites to interiority and the encounter with culture in its various expressions. The house design, its decoration, with a sober and harmonious style, the design of the gardens, the beautiful nature of the surroundings, even the "lavender" flower beds with their pleasant aroma, make it possible.

Around the Plaza de las Culturas, three styles of construction respond to three different moments in the history of the Center that, with their own architecture, evoke a singular and suggestive "language of stones." It provides an atmosphere of peaceful tranquility at the service of effective work.

Its versatile infrastructure adapts to the needs of users. It is located at Calle San Pedro Poveda, 1, Los Negrales, belonging to the municipality of Alpredete, about 40 km. from Madrid on the road to La Coruña (A6).




C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 88. 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA