Study and Prayer

 Study and prayer are essential features and a permanent task for people linked to the Teresian Association. Saint Pedro Poveda affirmed it on many occasions: "It is necessary to demonstrate with facts that knowledge goes well with holiness of life ..." 1932. "Prayer is the only strength of the Teresian Work ...” 1920. "After prayer, there is nothing more recommended than study," 1930. And he emphasized, "the members of the Association must arrive at holiness by studying, learning, and teaching." Study is conceived in its broad sense, technical – professional and humanistic, pedagogical, theological and field specific.


"If we understood the strength of prayer well, we would consider ourselves fortunate because we would have the certainty of being able to achieve the good we desire and try to do for ourselves and for others." Saint Pedro Poveda, 1936

The Teresian Association offers various training programs, seminars, and congresses aimed at the members and collaborators, and for the general public.

To name a few: Seminar on Incarnation Spirituality. Spiritual companionship program. International program "Leave your country." Seminars on ongoing formation. Study and prayer groups.




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